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Your new vehicle and exhaust system buying guide - providing independent vehicle sound and exhaust review with an unparalleled convenience and accuracy of comparison.


ThatBikeSound.com and ThatCarSound.com were built for the automotive enthusiast and with both motorbike and car buyers in mind. We are obsessive in our commitment to providing the highest quality, most accurate and reliable vehicle sounds and exhaust comparisons to the whole automotive industry.

Born out of a lifelong passion and enthusiasm for anything with wheels and an engine, combined with a frustration towards the current offering, we decided to create a resource to accurately inform the car, bike, and exhaust buying process for the automotive community as a whole. Split into two clear platforms (bikes and cars) we offer an engaging, reliable and convenient resource - removing the guesswork from this important decision making process. A motorbike and car review site that makes research and comparison easier and more complete than ever before.

The mission is to deliver this automotive information in a concise, organised and engaging manner at no cost to users. We offer many ways to connect with our users which includes a discussion zone on the website, allowing users to comment like and share information in a forum like environment. In addition to the website and in order to maintain an exceptionally high level of engagement, following our official launch we will be actively sharing content to connect with fans and users through a range of social media platforms. Our key social networks will include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. This content will come in the form of highly engaging image and video media, and will include our standardised image and video blocks, daily exclusives, behind the scenes footage, plus links and deals with our selected partners.

It’s no secret that sound can play an important role in the decision making process when buying a motorbike, and for many it is as important as other factors such as the appearance, comfort, and reviews for the bike. At ThatBikeSound.com we have created a platform which not only provides a trusted resource when comparing across different bikes & aftermarket exhaust options, but celebrates the wonderful variety of bike sounds across all makes, models and year of motorbike! This has been achieved by utilising the same professional broadcast-quality sound recording and video equipment, with a fixed microphone and camera placement across all of our videos. When listening from the comfort of your own home through the same set of speakers or headphones you have a truly accurate and reliable sound for enjoyment or comparison.

With our incredible sound catalogue growing more each day - from Ped’s to Panigale’s you can listen to it all at ThatBikeSound.com